Copy of my criminal background check

How Do I Get a Copy of My Criminal Record?

Before undergoing a background check, it is important to check your criminal history report in Arizona. If you have a prior conviction or were charged with a crime but not convicted, you may need a copy of your record for various reasons.

In Arizona, a “criminal history record” is the official term for a person’s criminal record, and one of the most typical times someone would want to get one is just before starting the job search. These days, a large percentage of organizations across industries do extensive background checks on prospective employees.

In accordance with Arizona law, a company may collect criminal history information as part of these background investigations.

Obtaining a Criminal History Record

The Central State Repository in Arizona maintains criminal history records and other types of records. To obtain your criminal history record, complete the Record Review Packet available on the Arizona Department of Public Safety website, along with submitting your fingerprints to confirm your identity.

No fee is required to obtain your own criminal history report in Arizona.

You are also required to produce a set of your fingerprints in addition to filling out the Record Review Packet completely. It is necessary to have the person’s fingerprints taken in order to verify that the individual is in fact obtaining their own criminal history record.

Fingerprints required for a copy of a criminal background

According to Arizona laws, the only people who are permitted to access this information are the person who is the subject of the record, as well as certain government entities, such as the courts and law enforcement agencies.

Alternate Sources of Criminal History Records

Aside from the Central State Repository, local courts and law enforcement agencies also maintain criminal history records. However, the most comprehensive report is likely to be found at the Central State Repository.

A person who requests a criminal history record from a local repository, such as a court or law enforcement agency, would most likely be required to pay a fee in order to get the requested information.

How Long is My Criminal Record on File?

Arizona law requires criminal history records to be maintained until the subject reaches 99 years old or one year after death.

The data must be kept in the Central State Repository for this period.

Can I Seal My Record Once I Get The Files?

Your criminal record may be cleared depending on the charges, through expungement (setting aside) if there was a conviction or sealing if it only resulted in an arrest.

Doing this is our specialty – contact our expungement lawyers today to discuss your options.

How to I get my criminal record background?

Can I Dispute Wrong Information on My Record?

The state of Arizona has a system for disputing inaccurate information on a criminal history record.

A Review and Challenge form is included with the record, and after completion and mailing to the Criminal History Records Section at the Central State Repository, a response is usually received within 15 days.

If the Central State Repository confirms that a criminal history record contains a mistake, the record will be amended.

In addition, the Criminal History Records Section of the Central State Repository informed the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the inaccuracy and updated record.

This is done to guarantee that the FBI’s records are correct and in sync with those of the state of Arizona.

The inaccuracy of a criminal history record may be the result of incorrect information stored by a court or arresting agency within the state. When the inaccuracy is of this sort, the Criminal History Records Section may be unable to alter the record in some instances.

In such a circumstance, a person must be proactive and strongly consider retaining the services of an attorney with experience in expungement-related cases. 

An Arizona Expungement Lawyer can help you with the process of obtaining, disputing, and clearing your criminal record. 

How do I Begin the Process of Sealing my Criminal Record in Arizona?

To begin the process of sealing a criminal record in Arizona, individuals should contact an experienced criminal defense attorney for guidance and assistance. You can also begin by taking our Free Eligibility Survey Here.

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