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This coming 2024 Presidential Election is a very important event for America, giving everyone a chance to decide the country’s direction. For people working to get their voting rights back, this election is especially meaningful. Being able to vote again means more than just casting a ballot; it’s about being part of democracy and having a voice in what happens in our government.

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An Arizona Expungement Lawyer from the Shah Law Firm will seamlessly guide individuals through the expungement/record sealing process. Your set-aside / record seal attorney can also represent you in court and argue on your behalf for the expungement/ record seal to be granted. Additionally, an experienced lawyer can advise the individual on their eligibility for an expungement and the best course of action for their specific situation. Arizona law now affords amazing new opportunity’s to seal your misdemeanor or felony record in 2023, allowing for a bright future.

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Top 10 Reasons to Hire An Expungement Attorney


Having a criminal record can make it difficult for an individual to find employment, as many employers conduct background checks on job applicants. With an expungement, the criminal record is destroyed, making it easier for the individual to find a job.

Landlords and property management companies often conduct background checks on potential tenants. An expungement can help an individual secure housing.

Many schools and universities conduct background checks on applicants. An expungement can make it easier for an individual to pursue higher education.

A criminal record can negatively impact an individual’s credit score. An expungement or set-aside of a criminal conviction can help improve an individual’s credit score.

Having your civil rights restored after a felony conviction in Arizona can help you to vote, hold office, and serve as a juror. These rights are considered an important part of being an American. Achieving the restoration of your rights can be an important step in successfully reintegrating back into society. Your attorney can help you in getting your rights restored by using their knowledge in post-conviction relief.

An Arizona expungement attorney will have a thorough understanding of the state’s expungement laws and regulations, and will be able to navigate the process efficiently.

The right to bear arms is protected by the Arizona and US constitutions. Americans have traditionally valued the right to own and use guns for self-defense, hunting, and sport. However, a past criminal conviction may result in the loss of this right. Arizona law allows for the restoration of this right in certain cases, and an attorney can assist in the process of regaining your gun rights.

Attorney Arja Shah has been practicing for 15 years all throughout the state. She has a good working relationship with the court system and will know how to effectively communicate with judges and prosecutors.

Your attorney will be able to assist you with the paperwork and filing required for an expungement petition, including drafting and submitting the petition and any necessary supporting documents. She will also be able to represent you in court and argue on your behalf for the expungement of your criminal record.

If your application for expungement or sealing of criminal records is denied, an expungement lawyer can assist you in appealing the decision. 


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