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Restoration of Civil Rights

In this helpful article about restoring your civil rights, we will discuss the following topics:

  • Civil Rights Restoration in Arizona
  • How to Petition the Court to Have Your Civil Rights Restored
  • Top Top 10 Helpful FAQs About Restoring Your Civil Rights
  • Expungement Lawyers That Can Help

 restoration of civil rights

Civil Rights Restoration in Arizona 

Having your civil rights is so important as an American.

When civil rights are restored, a person can vote, hold public office, and serve on juries once again.

In Arizona, felony convictions can prevent you from exercising these rights. 

The majority of Americans and Arizonans treasure these liberties because they define what it is to be an American. Regaining these rights can be a crucial step on the road to a triumphant return to society. We hope to assist you in becoming a productive member of society by getting your civil rights restored back to you.

Take our free online eligibility test to determine if you qualify to regain your civil rights in Arizona or for any of our other services. We are here to help you and understand that each case is unique.

In Arizona, the average Civil Rights Restoration lawsuit lasts between three and four months.

Despite our best efforts, the courts operate on a first-come, first-served basis, so the sooner you begin the procedure, the sooner your civil rights can be restored. Contact us if you have any questions regarding the civil rights restoration process. 

How to Petition the Court to Have Your Civil Rights Restored

If you were found guilty of just one felony, your civil rights would be immediately restored if you fulfilled the terms of your probation, were fully released from jail or prison and satisfied any fines or restitution the judge imposed.

The necessity to have paid all fines to be qualified for automatic restoration of civil rights was eliminated by a legislation change in 2019.

Remember that the right to bear arms is not subject to automatic reinstatement.

However, suppose you were convicted of two or more felonies. In that case, you may ask the court to restore your civil rights after your probation is finished, or you receive an absolute discharge from prison, and two years have passed after the final discharge.

We can file a civil rights restoration petition in the county where you currently reside if your conviction came from a federal court. Getting your civil rights restored can be a convoluted process, but rest assured that we are on your side from start to finish. 

You can apply to have your civil rights restored even if you have a federal conviction and live in Arizona.

Federal conviction recipients are only eligible to request the restoration of their civil rights, not their access to firearms.

Restoration of weapon rights is not part of civil rights restoration. In Arizona, the process for restoring handgun rights is distinct, and there are distinct waiting periods for applicants.

restore civil rights


Navigating the laws governing civil rights restoration in Arizona can be challenging. It is essential to understand who is eligible to get their civil rights back

If you want to restore your civil rights, it is important to seek the advice of an experienced civil rights attorney. We are on your side. Contact us today by dialing (602) 536-8866.


Restoring Civil Rights in Arizona

Individuals with criminal records in Arizona may face restrictions on their civil rights, including the right to vote, the right to own firearms, and the right to hold certain types of jobs or professional licenses.

The process for regaining civil rights after a criminal conviction in Arizona can vary depending on the rights lost. In some cases, individuals may be able to have their rights restored through a formal pardon or clemency process. In other cases, individuals may need to wait a certain period of time or meet certain conditions before their rights are restored.

The process for obtaining a pardon in Arizona involves submitting an application to the Arizona Board of Executive Clemency. The application is reviewed by the Board, which then makes a recommendation to the Governor. The Governor has the final authority to grant or deny a pardon.

Yes, different civil rights such as the right to vote, may be restored after a criminal conviction in Arizona, but it depends on the nature of the conviction.

The right to own firearms may be lost due to a criminal conviction in Arizona. Federal law prohibits certain categories of individuals convicted of a crime from possessing firearms. However, in Arizona individuals can regain the right to own firearms. 

Regaining a professional license after a criminal conviction in Arizona can be challenging. The process will depend on the specific profession, the nature of the conviction, and the laws and regulations that govern the profession.

Yes, resources are available to help individuals regain their civil rights in Arizona. These include legal assistance organizations, reentry programs, and advocacy groups that can provide information and guidance on the process of regaining rights.

It is possible to seal or expunge a criminal record in Arizona. Still, the process can be complex and depends on the nature of the conviction and the individual’s criminal history. An attorney or legal services organization can provide more information on the process.

The process for obtaining clemency in Arizona is similar to the process for obtaining a pardon. The individual submits an application to the Arizona Board of Executive Clemency, which the Board reviews. The Board then recommends the Governor, who has the final authority to grant or deny clemency.

In Arizona, certain rights may be restored automatically after a certain period of time, but it depends on the nature of the conviction and the rights that have been lost. 

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